Types of Rangehoods

The design and layout of your kitchen will largely determine the type of rangehood options you have. This page describes the most common options.

Canopy Rangehood

Canopy models are the most common style of rangehood, fixed to a wall behind the cooking area, they are generally vented through the ceiling and out the roof or soffit, or through the wall behind. A flue cover hides the ducting above the rangehood. Canopy rangehoods have a large air collection area which covers the whole cooktop area, as a result they generally perform the best.

Undermount Rangehood

Also known as Powerpacks, Undermount rangehoods are integrated into the overhead kitchen cabinetry. They are a popular choice as they are hidden away from sight, however, as the air collection area is limited by the depth of the cabinetry they may not be as efficient as a canopy rangehood at collecting steam.

Island Rangehood

Island rangehoods are attached to the roof of the kitchen and are designed to be situated over an island bench cooking area. Similar to canopy rangehoods they have a large air collection area which covers the whole cooktop area.

Slideout Rangehood

Slideout rangehoods have a fan that is activated as you slide the rangehood out, ensuring that, when not in use they are unobtrusive. They are generally less efficient at collecting steam/odours as the air collection area is small.

Cylinder Rangehood

There are not many rangehood options in kitchens where the cooktop extends past the edge of a window. A cylinder rangehood works perfectly, looks great and does not obscure the window.

Fixed Rangehood

Fixed rangehoods work better than slideout rangehoods as they have a larger air collection area. They generally have less power and smaller air collection areas than canopy rangehoods, but are not as expensive.

Silent Rangehood

Also known as remote fans, silent rangehoods have become more popular, they have a powerful motor which is located away from the rangehood in the ceiling space or on the roof. They are significantly quieter in the kitchen.

Silent rangehoods can be purchased in Canopy, Undermount and Island styles.

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